Giving Things a Go


Today’s post is going to be quick.  I am late with it and I need to do some other stuff. I decided today to give something a go.  It hasn’t really worked well, I rush too much, but it is a beginning and something that could be a lot of fun in the future.

The Coffee CupsI saw an image in the reader the other day of two hands with a map of the world on them.  It got me thinking and I wondered if I would be able to do something similar.  so I gave it a go with two white coffee mugs and put an image of wrapping paper over the top.  It hasn’t turned out too bad, but I need to experiment a lot more.  I must write down some notes on what I have done and what to do differently.

Tea SetThis one I did with all white crockery…

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Miracles of God

Miracles happen we just don’t notice them. Think of something you feel to have desperately and someone brings that thing for you. Think of the moment you wish for something and you get it the very moment you wished for it. Think of the problem you’re stuck in you think it will never solve and you pray to God to solve your problem and within seconds its solved. Are these not miracles? Miracles do happen, its just that today we don’t notice them and we just don’t have firm faith on our Creator. He can do what’s impossible.
~Ambreen Ali